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2010-05-31 16:41:20 by Yukirin76

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Hey, guys!!
I'm completely new to Newgrounds, but I love the artwork, audio, and animations coming from this place, so here I am :3
I like CONSTRUCTIVE critiques, and I'm in the process of creating a flash comic, so please lemme know if you have anything you can contribute - I need voices, music, and even some sound effects :)
Thank youuuu <3



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2010-05-31 16:45:54

Welcome to newgrounds. Enjoy your stay. and watch out for trolls O_O

Yukirin76 responds:

Thank you! :D
Hahaha, will do! ;)


2010-05-31 17:12:47

Hello there! :)

Yukirin76 responds:

Heya! :D


2010-05-31 17:19:29

Welcome to Newgrounds! Being completely new to NG, I ask that you please read our FAQ page. It should answer any questions you may have about this site.

Enjoy your stay!

Yukirin76 responds:

Cool! I'll do that ;)